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"Coveteur" Founders Erin Kleinberg and Stephanie Mark's Chic Closet Excursions



    How many times have you passed an extremely stylish someone on the sidewalk and thought to yourself, I would kill to see her closet.
    This is precisely the voyeuristic impulse that "The Coveteur" has satisfied for many fashion-devoted folks. Whether shooting Joanna Hillman's extensive collection of printed Thakoon dresses or exploring Harley Viera Newton's obsession with all things leopard, Toronto-based founders Erin Kleinberg and Stephanie Mark have an eye for the excessively chic.

    Who is behind "The Coveteur," and how did you meet?
    Stephanie and I are the founders of the business. We are longtime childhood friends, went to high school and camp together. We both moved to NYC at the same time, Steph to attend Parsons while I was interning for Alex White at W!

    How did the concept for "Coveteur" come about?

    We had both moved back to Toronto and were gabbing at brunch over some dude, when we realized we wanted to start a site together. We freak over street style sites, and thought, why not take it a step further and really delve into the homes of not only editors, but all types of behind the scenes people, hairstylists, chefs, designers, gallery owners etc.

    How do you find your subjects?
    We spend a ton of time casting and shooting an array of unique peeps to keep the site fresh and new. A lot of people are reaching out to us now which is such an honor.

    Who had the craziest closet you've ever seen, and why?
    Suzanne Rogers from Toronto. Hands down madnesss. That haven was packed with solely of-the season semi-couture runway items only. I swear, there was not a t-shirt or jean in sight! So inspiring. This woman eats sleeps and breathes fashion. There were more rare Chanels in that closet than ever! And one of the most outstanding was her custom Mary Katranzou collection. Swoon.

    As venerated closet experts, what are three things every woman needs in her wardrobe?
    Rag & Bone boots, bright colored Equipment Blouses, a good bra. Undergarments can really be a game changer, and a bag that they really love. Or else, how can they go on?

    An historical figure whose closet you'd love to raid.
    Jimi Hendrix. Color is now our friend. That man did it better than anyone!

    Agree or disagree: "An object in possession seldom retains the same charm that it had in pursuit." Disagree. We thank God and caress our PS1's every day!