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Racy Shoes for Fall: Lamborghini Stilettos



    Sometimes, by Friday, it can seem like we've covered just about everything there is to talk about in the fashion world.  And then, the heavens (in the form of British designer Tim Cooper) give us the Lamborghini Stiletto.

    The image of a Lamborghini superimposed onto a pair of heels seems like the combination of a couple of fantasies and fetishes, but let's not go there. We have so many questions, though: do the lights actually light up? Is the shoe a bit cramped on the interior? Do they go fast?  Come on, it's Lamborghini after all. 

    Well, lest you be tempted to snag your own for a spin, alas, the Lambo-pumps, created for an ad campaign, are only conceptual at this point.