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Norma Kamali Launches Collection for Ebay



    If you aren't really feeling the subdued vibe of Norma Kamali's Walmart capsule line, but are still aching for some affordable Kamali fashion, then thank Kamali's people because she is all over your requests.    Norma Kamali Ebay is open for business and we're not gonna lie, it's looking kind of, well, great. 

    The prices aren't Walmart style- which were $50 and below- but they start at $36.00 for a belt and don't go higher than $285 for a coat.  And Kamali's signature jersey draped, sportswear-inspired aesthetic is preserved.  An off shoulder fishtail gown is retailing for $250.00 and a hooded cocoon coat retails for $185.00.  Both of which call to mind vintage Kamali but are, of course, affordable.  Can we say genius?
    Rumors of Narciso Rodriguez following the concept for Spring 2010 are already making the rounds...