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Monique Lhuillier: Fall 2010 Bridal



    Monique Lhullilier, as we suppose most designers who specialize in bridal wear should be, is a rather unapologetic romantic.  Her bridal looks for fall -- unveiled at a runway presentation yesterday -- exude a dreamy, fantastical mood that's made the designer one of the most sought-after talents. While many New York cynics (and, ahem, Thread contributors) can atest, unabashedly girly sentiments are really only somewhat relatable when addressing that special ceremony of marriage. 

    The looks presented by expecting Lhullier (baby Sophia is due in 5 weeks) were remarkably individual; Lhullier stated "I reworked every gown multiple times."  While several dresses felt oddly disparate from the others we suppose this is how bridal looks ought to be- entirely unique.  The one theme was silhouette.  In this case, tightly bound torsos and voluminous skirts.  In the instances where the skirts were slightly more narrow, the intricate fabric and detailing still helped the bottom half steal the show.  On offer were options for all brides.  Not excited about baring your arms?  Gorgeous lace sleeved numbers are available.  Traditional gowns were mixed with modern; classic white silks walked the runway next to tree-branch prints. Off white made an appearance, though pure white seems to be the mood of the season if Lhullier has her way.

    Lhuillier presented herself yesterday as the adorable girlfriend that makes you feel ashamed for such cynical assertions that "confection" and "whimsy" (these were the names of a two dresses that walked the runway) are exclusively reserved for day-dreaming fantasties involving vintage Halston, Greek Islands and houseboys.  Who are we to judge?