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Juicy Couture Goes to the Airport



    Considering how many of their velour jumpsuits we encounter while traveling, Juicy Couture's decision to open four airport stores next month, with the second location slated for the British Airways Terminal at JFK in January 2010.

    Suddenly, it seems like a no-brainer- the uber-successful, and still-growing brand reached sales of $600 million last year, and we'd feel confident saying a large chunk went for outfits to wear on planes.  The concept for the forthcoming shops continues on the brand's cheeky pep, with a pink suit of armor decorating the Miami location, and we'd imagine, plenty of pink elsewhere as well.  Banking on travelers' needs for cozy getups and last-minute gifts, and the high probability of spare time at the airport, Juicy founders Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor are just out to have fun and take advantage of this cracker jack business opportunity to spread their name across the planet and into the billions (of dollars).