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First Look: The Olsens' Line for JCPenney



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    The line may not kick off until February, but the initial images from the Olsen twins' collaboration with JCPenney, Olsenboye, are already out -- and we can't say we're ecstatic. Though there will be Olsenboye "Treat Trucks" in Union Square today, giving out cupcakes, balloons, and pins promoting the collection. (The "Treat Trucks" will be in Union Square from 2:30PM-6:30PM.)

    The initial images from the collection reveal a line clearly heavy on the "juniors" element -- the symbol scattered across the collection is a piece sign, for example -- and t-shirts and hoodies are a strong focus. Needless to say, that will prove a disappointment to the fashon folks' hoping for The Row or Elizabeth & James (the Olsens' other main lines) in cheaper form, but we will admit that there are highlights in the accessories area (messenger handbags, platforms, and such).

    Liz Sweeney, JCPenney's executive vice president, probably summed up the aesthetic best when she told WWD: "It’s very fun, fashion driven, trendy and wholesome at the same time," Sweney said. Now, we're not sure how we feel about wearing a "wholesome" collection, but that clearly dovetails with the ambitions of the brand, which has been putting a lot of focus on their fashion-forward juniors section, having also launched I Heart Ronson with designer Charlotte Ronson recently.

    Olsenboye (which is the Olsens' ancestral name, apparently) will be available in 600 JCPenney stores nationwide in February, with prices ranging from $20 - $50. One can already tell that the promotional efforts, however, are going to be massive -- empty racks in some stores will have Olsenboye-labeled shrouds, the aforementioned "Treat Trucks" will be in several locations this week, and launched today with a cheery, wholesome video promoting the line.