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Elise Overland Stages First Runway Show Sunday



    While there seem to be two camps this season in the fashion week roster: those downsizing the traditional runway brouhaha and those delving into runway for the first time.  Elise Overland happens to be in the second and we were charmed by the fact that her decision to forgo her tried and true formula of more casual presentations really came down to simple pragmatics: "2 hours on their feet- those girls were tired, thirsty, and had to go to the bathroom!"- dammit!

    Difficulties in approaching this new arena?
    "You have to tell a story with a runway show- there needs to be a certain poetry in the first and last look.  What impression do you want your audience to have with the first look?  What are you leaving people with?" Overland explained. 

    Overland's inspiration for the SS10 collection comes straight from her extensive world travels and specifically targets Mexico and the infamous Lucha Libre.  "I was studying the life of El Santo (ed note: the most famous of the original luchadores) and there was a moment where he was in an interview at the end of his career and he took off his mask.  Behind it he was wrinkled and shockingly old." 

    Which side of the mask are you specifically delving into?
    "Well both, you see.  The glamourous side and the...reality."

    Pictured is a sneak pic, taken at a fitting yesterday in the designer's Chelsea studio and the designer's inspiration board.  Covetable cocktail dresses fit for a starlet, perfectly appointed leather jackets and pants are trademark Overland.  We anticipate metallics and stretch will make a big appearance this season. 

    And how is Overland handling the stress of fashion week and her first runway show?
    "Kundalini and Accupuncture, twice a week."

    We're thinking this could be a really good time to take a lesson from the designer.