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Costello Tagliapietra: Spring 2010



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    The Thread

    For spring, the endearing gentlemen behind Costello Tagliapietro used a new technique called "AirDye" -- a somewhat more eco-friendly version of conventional hand-dying garments -- to create sunset-inspired prints on flattering, draped cocktail dresses.

    Most of the collection's palette dovetails with the sunset-meets-dusk vibe, all burnt yellows and pale peaches and soft gray-violets. The dresses all had firmly established waists and a draping-meets-wrap-dress effect, sometimes complemented by exquisitely rumped-and-folded gatherings -- somewhat like a more abstract version of rosettes. Overall a small, simple collection, but the lush palette was entirely unique.

    People-watching-wise, we're not sure which was more enthralling -- sitting next to Hamish Bowles while friends complimented him on his jaunty new moustache, or seeing the two designers come out in matching plaid shirts and suspenders. Tough call!