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Recession Special: Denim Edition



    Recession Special: Denim Edition

    In yet another brilliant resesh-solution, Barney's is doling out discounts for denim. And so, it seems, the newest sartorial trend being spurred by Obama, Cash for Clunkers, is branches out to include worn jeans! Apparently, Barneys New York has announced it will recycle your old blues, and give a 20 percent discount when you bring 'em in and purchase a brand-new pair.

    Now, the new pair-for-old pair swap might not exactly help your financial situation (you are still buying a new pair of jeans, after all), but let's face it, you always want a new pair for fall, right? This is just making your bad habits a little better. Suze Orman may not approve of the scheme, but we certainly do -- it's a win-win.