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Bowery Bazaar to Reincarnate as Boutiques on Bowery



    After just a few short months, the Bowery Bazaar on 4th and Bowery has been re-branded and will debut as Boutiques on Bowery on February 1. It seems, however, that the concept of the store itself will remain the same.

    The introduction of a new, similarly alliterative moniker and few other changes save a new Brazilian coffee shop and some new doodads in the window has many blogs -- including EV Grieve, who originally discovered the new signage, Racked, and us curious about the motives behind the rebranding.  Perhaps the Bazaar was, indeed, a seasonal affair, although perhaps it also has something to do with the newly-minted cache of the word "Bowery," as well as foot traffic.  After all, the spot is nestled between the Bowery Hotel and the New Museum on the Bowery, both of which telegraph "edgy" and "gritty" -- i.e. very hip.