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Behnaz Sarafpour: Spring 2010



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    Sarafpour's spring looks were a study in black-and-beige, with a wonderfully old-fashioned, 1920s tea party sensibility. Understated and elegant dresses were the main focus, with floaty layers and swinging skirts.

    There were a few pieces with a delicate, feather-like print, but for the most part the entire palette was a wonderfully sophisticated black-and-beige, the stand-outs being the short dresses with tons of frothy layers, and one long dress that seriously could have been straight from the roaring '20s.

    Overall, the collection stood as a strong contrast to the rocker '90s glam or sportswear-inspired sophistication that we've seen in so many of the other spring collections. Sarafpour is sticking with subtle elegance over trendy-ness, which will no doubt keep her from falling into the dangerous "trendy" zone, though it might also keep her from getting much attention in the hustle and bustles of the shows this season.