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Architect Frank Gehry Designs a Shoe



    Frank Gehry has been subtly dropping hints that buildings are not enough for his innovative design proclivities- first a line for Tiffany's, and now, a shoe for JM Weston

    Somewhat surprisingly, the Gehry bootie, which will be presented with JM Weston's Fall/Winter 2009 collection, blends classic saddle and oxford elements into an only slightly modern silhouette.  While fashion loves to describe stuff as "architectural", this isn't an accessory that would fit that bill.  The Victorian buttons flank the side of bootie's cream upper, while a sensible half-inch heel provides just a smidge of kick. 

    There's no guessing what he'll do next - after all, fellow architect Zaha Hadid went ahead and conceived a building-sized Chanel bag for Karl Lagerfeld, so anything is possible.