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There's Something in the Water: Another Sperm-Donor Movie Coming



    First there was Jennifer Lopez "The Back-Up Plan," then the indie-turn in "The Kids Are Alright."

    Stay tuned for the next movie about sperm donation -- "The Switch."

    As the latest movie moved into its press day over the weekend, Jennifer Aniston and her co-stars in the artificial insemination romantic comedy admitted there must be something in the water. There are a lot of these movies out there suddenly.

    "We read this three years ago," Aniston said, assuring all that it isn't a case of copy cat. "Now there are just more stories able to be told."

    Co-director Will Speck said "there is definitely something in the zeitgeist."

    But he assured the movie-going public that there are plenty of stories to be told in the growing sperm-donation genre.

    "There's a lot of different versions of that story," he said. "We thought we had a really unique way for a romantic comedy."

    "The Switch" takes its own turn, focusing on Jason Bateman's quest to find a place in his best friend (and single-mother) Aniston's mini-family -- all told with a seven-year-old kid who is the byproduct of a mysterious artificial insemination in Aniston's past.

    "' The Kids Are All Right' " is almost our movie in reverse," said Speck. "There they are tracking down the donor when the kids have already grown up." In this movie, the apparent donor is tracking down his family.

    The famously single Aniston called the movie "timely and progressive."


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