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Robert Pattinson Plays It Safe With "Water"



    Robert Pattinson is going from vampire to veterinarian in a role sure to win the hearts of any teeny boppers still holding out on him.

    The actor is slated to play an animal-loving veterinary-student who joins the circus after losing both parents, according to Other than the world's most romantic teenage vampire, you really couldn't ask for more heartbreak material than in this character.

    Variety reports that Pattinson is expected to close soon on "Water for Elephants," based on Sara Gruen's best-selling historical book of the same name. Besides a killer part, the "Twilight" stud would be in great company. Reese Witherspoon has already signed on as the beautiful equestrian star married to what is called a "charismatic but twisted animal trainer." Naturally, Sean Penn is slated for this spot, and Variety reports he could sign on once he returns from his Haiti humanitarian mission.