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"Gossip Girl" Blake Lively Falls for the "Green Lantern"



    Blake Lively is the latest blonde bombshell to get into the superhero business, signing on to play opposite Ryan Reynolds in the upcoming "Green Lantern" movie.

    Lively will play Carol Ferris, who in the original DC comics was a raven-haired beauty and VP at Ferris Aircrafts, where Hal Jordan (Green Lantern's alter ego) worked as a test pilot. Cue the office romance...

    But seriously, with today's special effects and Green Lantern's awesomely cool ring, this could be great. Of course, Greenie's weakness in the face of wood and the color yellow is, well, dumb. Maybe it won't be in the new movie.

    It seems unlikely that the first "GL" will delve into the rift between the two lovers that's created when she falls in with the Zamarons, who crown her Star Sapphire and send her to crush the Green Lantern.

    Martin Campbell, director of (the great-but-for-the-20-minute-vacation-scene) "Casino Royale," will be the behind the camera for the new hero franchise which begins filing in March. The movie is tentatively slated for a June 17, 2011, release.