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Barbie Ready for Her Closeup in "Toy Story 3"



    The news of Barbie's featured role in the upcoming "Toy Story 3" is possibly the biggest most exciting newsbreak since she purchased her Malibu dream house.

    While this is her big moment, Pixar animator Jason Katz points out that the celebrity doll has had serious history with the "Toy Story." franchise in the past.

    "She's big in 'Toy Story 3,' " Katz told PopcornBiz, speaking to highlight the rerelease of "Toy Story" and "Toy Story 2" on Blu-Ray. "But we've seen her before."

    Barbie was actually written into a cameo in the classic original, but ended up cut from the movie for licensing reasons. "We couldn't get the rights to use her," says Katz. She was not to be denied in the sequel where she had an hilarious cameo. And now we have her big breakout in the third due out June 18. The released trailer has Barbie finally meeting up with an exceedingly hunky Ken generating some serious plastic chemistry (the rereleased DVD also features an exclusive preview for "Toy Story 3").

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    (Published Wednesday, May 30, 2012)

    She's not exactly a mainstay like Woody or Buzz Lghtyear in the series. But Katz even equated Barbie to Charo,  the oft-appearing star in the "Love Boat" series.

    "In the Toy Story/Love boat universe, Barbie's a cool repeat guest star to have. She's like a Charo," says Katz. "Then you have got your mainstable stars. Our Capt Stubing and our Isaac and our Doc."