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Prince Cancels, Adds, and Generally Messes With NY-Area Concert Dates



    Prince Cancels, Adds, and Generally Messes With NY-Area Concert Dates
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    NEW YORK - OCTOBER 14: Singer/musician Prince makes an announcement at The Apollo Theater on October 14, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

    Because nothing involving Prince can run entirely logically, the Purple One has just delivered a shake-up to his highly anticipated string of “Welcome 2 America” concert dates in New York and New Jersey.

    Yesterday, Prince announced that he will add another night at Madison Square Garden, bringing the total to three. The new show is January 18th, 2011 and tickets will go on sale next Friday, December 10, on Ticketmaster and Livenation. He is also canceling his first night at the IZOD Center in New Jersey; ticket holders have the option of being automatically transferred to a seat at the December 15th show or receive a refund – or, if they wish to attend the new gig at Madison Square Garden, they have access to presale tickets on December 8.

    And if you were born on an odd-numbered day while the moon was in Sagittarius, Prince will bring you up onstage at some time between 9:50 and 11:13pm on the evening of your show and recite you a bawdy limerick…provided you have a presale code that, when translated into Etruscan, spells out Apollonia’s favorite flower.

    Got it? Good. Now here are your options:

    December 15: Izod Center
    December 17: Izod Center
    December 18: Madison Square Garden
    December 29: Madison Square Garden
    January 18: NY Madison Square Garden


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