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Check Out a New White Hills Song



    For a band committed to making a gigantic racket, the spacey metal band White Hills has been flying under the radar for most of their existence.

    The New York-based band fed their cult with all manner of CD-Rs and rare 7-inches and have released a series of well regarded albums on Thrill Jockey, but are still mainly known among the type of head-banging circles where people debate which Hawkwind bootleg is the best.

    That might change with the release of their upcoming album Frying on This Rock, which will be released on March 20 via Thrill Jockey. The duo of Dave W. and Ego Sensation worked with Sonic Youth/Brian Eno producer Martin Bisi, and while there's still songs on Rock that hit double-digits, there's a focus to the set that seems designed to win some new fans. 

    Like, maybe, you? If you're at all curious, go here to download their single "Pads of Light," which rides a hypnotic groove before busting out a guitar solo that will require the use of Visine after a few listens.