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Getting to Know Jane Lynch, Optimist, Wife & Budino Lover

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    We loved the funny and talented Jane Lynch in "Role Models" and "Talladega Nights" even before her "Glee" fame as everyone's favorite tracksuit-wearing adult bully Sue Sylvester. Now, the comedienne and actress shows another side of herself in a new comical yet inspirational memoir, "Happy Accidents." She attributes her success to a chain of "happy accidents," talks about what makes her and her wife laugh, and reveals her favorite late-night bites.

    What prompted this memoir, especially with all of your candidness about your past struggles?
    I started looking back at my life's path as I was getting to know my wife. As I was almost 50 when we met, I had a lot to catch her up on. At the same time, my life was really hitting a peak professionally, and the questions I was getting from everywhere were about how it happened, and how it felt. I thought, why not put it all down and make a book of it?

    What was the most enjoyable part of writing this book?
    I really enjoyed laughing about how silly I was growing up. Being able to look back at the things that I did with some forgiveness and without shame was both liberating and funny. It also made my wife laugh, and laughing with someone is always better.

    You are a great example of things coming together at a later age and your graciousness and attractiveness have been much noted at 51. Has your definition of personal success changed?
    Yes, my definition of success when I was younger had much more to do with professional achievement. Now, I feel successful when I can find a really good cup of coffee and enjoy who I am sharing it with.

    What is something about you that our readers and viewers might be surprised to learn?

    I talk in my book about how I rejected my closest friend in high school for being gay. I was not out, and I was embarrassed by him and afraid I would be seen as gay. I think this happens often, that people are homophobic because they are afraid of parts of themselves. When I came to accept myself, I was able to call him and say "I'm sorry."

    What are you favorite late-night bites?
    I am rarely up late, but if I am, I like to find chocolate mochi in the fridge.

    What are your favorite late-night pairings?
    Decaf espresso and rosemary pine nut cookies
    What's your favorite thing between two buns?
    My favorite is a good rare juicy hamburger. The last great one I had was at Jar in West Hollywood. Just delicious. 

    What are your favorite desserts?
    Budino, a butterscotch pudding with sea salt, at Mozza. I love sweets, particularly caramel flavors with sea salt. 

    "Happy Accidents" is available now.