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Ghoulish Gruyere Soup In a Pumpkin

Updated 10:25 AM EDT, Tue, Nov 2, 2010

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Sara Gore learns how to prepare a killer gruyere soup in a Halloween pumpkin. Promotional consideration provided by Fairway Market.

Fairway Market's Gruyere Soup In a Pumpkin
Feeds 4

1 3 1/2 lb pumpkin
3 cups heavy cream
1/4 lb gruyere cheese, sliced
1/2 cup croutons
1 pinch nutmeg
salt to taste
pepper to taste

Cut the top of the pumpkin off and scoop out the meat and seeds. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Alternate layers of gruyere (3-4 slices per layer), the cream and the croutons until it reaches the top of the pumpkin. Put the top of the pumpkin back on and put in a 375 degree oven for 2 hours. Take out of the oven, mix and scoop out into 4 bowls. Once the soup is out of the pumpkin scoop out some of the pulp out of the pumpkin and add to each bowl.

Chef's Note: For a soup that is not as heavy, you can also use 1 1/2 cups heavy cream and 1 1/2 cups chicken stock.

First Published: Oct 20, 2010 2:15 PM EDT
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