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Fall Bag Candy

Updated 7:25 PM EDT, Mon, Oct 5, 2009

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This Fall, the ultimate indulgence isn't pumpkin pie or candy apples -- it's these decadent handbags. Bag Snob's Tina Craig shows us some of this season's timeless designs that are worth the investment.


Oscar de la Renta Python Taylor

$2, 950, at Oscar de la Renta


Bottega Veneta San Marco

$3,600, at Bottega Veneta


Sanga Cine in Alligator

$14,000, at


Louis Vuitton Studded Clutch

$4,950 at Louis Vuitton


Tod's "D" Bag

$21,000 at Tods


The 360 bag

$4,950 at Valentino

First Published: Sep 30, 2009 2:04 PM EDT

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