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Woman Made Cab Driver Wait While She Robbed a Store: Cops

The cab driver, thinking her a fare-beater, summoned a cop



    A Florida woman made her cab driver wait while she robbed a store, police said.

    Cabbie, keep the meter running — this robbery will be quick.

    A Florida woman has been accused of making her taxi driver wait for her outside a convenience store while she went inside to rob it, The News-Press reported.

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    Cynthia Sheik took a cab to a Race Track store in Port Charlotte, Fla., and asked her driver to wait for her outside, according to deputies.

    But while she was busy demanding cash inside, the cabbie started worrying she was beating her fare and summoned a nearby police officer, according to The News-Press,

    Sheik made it out of the store with $320 — but not before triggering the alarm, and not before the clerk ran out to tell the cop Sheik had robbed the place, cops said.

    Sheik was arrested.