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Trial Starts for NYPD Cop Charged in $1M Perfume Heist

Officer accused of masterminding robbery in New Jersey



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    An undercover cop wearing headphones to communicate with his NYPD peers didn't hear the rant of a resident trying to get the man he presumed to be a bum off his stoop.

    Testimony is set to begin in the trial of a New York City police officer accused of masterminding a robbery of a perfume warehouse in New Jersey

    During opening statement's Wednesday, a federal prosecutor told jurors the evidence will show Kelvin Jones "was not one of New York City's finest.''     

    Eric Kanefsky said Jones recruited two fellow NYPD officers. They were among nine defendants who pleaded guilty to the February heist, which netted perfume valued at more than $1 million.    

    Kanefsky told jurors the three burst into the In Style USA warehouse in Carlstadt, brandished guns and badges, and identified themselves as law enforcement officers.     

    Jones' lawyer portrayed the government's witnesses as a collection of "robbers, thieves, drug dealers and wife-beaters'' who cant be trusted to tell the truth.