The Accused Killer in His Own Words

Read a partial transcript of the confession that police say Levi Aron gave during questioning

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    This transcript has been edited to remove parts of an extremely graphic nature. It has not been edited for clarity. These are the suspect's words as written on a legal pad by detectives during questioning, according to law enforcement sources.

    My name is Levi Aron... On Monday evening around 5:30 I went to my dentist, Dr. Sorcher, to make a payment for visit for exam routine. 

    A boy approached me on where the Judaica book store was.  He was still there when went out from the dentist’s office. He asked me for a ride to the Judaica book store.  While on the way he changed his mind and wasn’t sure where he wanted to go.

    So I asked if he wanted to go for the ride -- wedding in Monsey -- since I didn’t think I was going to stay for the whole thing since my back was hurting.  He said ok.

    Due to traffic, I got back around 11:30 p.m. … so I brought him to my house thinking I’d bring him to his house the next day. He watched TV then fell asleep in the front room. I went to the middle room to sleep. That next morning, he was still sleeping when I was ready to leave.

    So I woke him and told him I’ll bring him to his house… when I saw the flyers I panicked and was afraid.  When I got home he was still there so I made him a tuna sandwich....

    I was still in a panic...and afraid to bring him home.  That is when approximately I went for a towel to smother him in the side room.   He fought back a little bit until eventually he stopped breathing.

    Afterwards -- I panicked because I didn’t know what to do with the body.… carried parts to the back room placing parts between the freezer and the refrigerator …

    … went to clean up a little then took a second shower.  I panicked and .. Then putting the parts in a suitcase.  Then carrying suitcase to the car …placing in backseat on floor behind passenger side.

     … drove around approximately around 20 minutes before placing it in the dumpster on 20th street just before 4th Avenue.   Then went home to clean and organize.

    I understand this may be wrong and I’m sorry for the hurt that I have caused.