Patrons at Pret a Manger Puzzled by Christmas Carols in August

An employee at headquarters said it was a mix-up, then hung up

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    Patrons at some New York City locations of the Pret a Manger restaurant are puzzling over unseasonable Christmas music playing inside stores.

    Customers have been tweeting about the oddly timed tunes.

    "@Pret your 17th & Bway location in NYC is playing Christmas music & it's throwing everyone off. 'Tis not the season!" Natalie M. Guevara tweeted Saturday.

    "Why is Pret a Manger playing Christmas music in August? tweeted Justin Lish.

    "Again with the Christmas music..." tweeted Ed Costello on Monday, after checking in on Foursquare.

    According to the New York Post, employees said they couldn't stop the music because it was controlled by corporate headquarters.

    A woman who said she was authorized to speak to the media at Pret's New York headquarters on Monday told NBC 4 New York that there was a "mix-up with the playlist" and that it was being fixed. She then refused to give her name and hung up.