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Paterson: More Tax Hikes Coming Down the Pike



    Hey, don't look at me!

    A week after New York approved the nation's highest cigarette tax, and as lawmakers consider a change in the clothing sales tax to collect more revenue, Gov. David Paterson says there will be more action on taxes and fees to close a deficit in the state budget.

    He wouldn't specify what's likely, but referred to his previous proposals, including allowing wine sales in groceries and extending the hours for the Quick Draw lottery game, which critics call "video crack.''

    He's also talked about expanding the hours of video slot machine operations at several harness racing tracks, increasing court fees, and imposing a tax on sugary drinks, something many lawmakers thought was dead.

    Paterson told WGY Radio in suburban Albany on Thursday that while taxes are regrettable in hard times, they are unavoidable in this fiscal crisis.