Obama Fried Chicken Owner Demanded $3,000 for Video: Director

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    YouTube c/o Brokelyn

    After spotting a curious edit in MTV's copy of the Clipse's new rap video last week, Brokelyn caught up with the director of "Popular Demand" to see who really made the call to remove "Obama Fried Chicken" from the awning, and why.

    From that conversation, we learn "the decision was not made by him, the network, or the artists." Rather, and perhaps more shockingly, Rik Cordero, the director, said the "Obama Fried Chicken" owner wouldn't sign the location document unless he was paid $3,000 -- in cash.

    Click through to read the full interview on Brokelyn to see why he even chose to film at "Obama Fried Chicken" in the first place, and see how the owner's obnoxious demand for the cash might have worked out for him in the end.