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53 minutes ago

3 Burned While Doing Track Work in Union Square: MTA

MTA officials say three workers were taken to the hospital after being burned while doing FASTRACK work on the rails at the Union Square subway station Thursday morning.

2 hours ago

Gore Still on Manhattan Traffic Pole Days After Accident

A Manhattan resident is frustrated by the runaround she says she's gotten from the city while trying to get gore removed from the scene of a gruesome midtown crash last week.

57 minutes ago

Apple CEO Tim Cook: "I'm Proud to Be Gay"

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke out publicly about his sexuality in an op-ed for Bloomberg Businessweek, saying, "I'm proud to be gay" and that he hoped to inspire others. "While I have never denied my sexuality,...

Feast-Food Feast-Food

Delays at Lincoln

Delays at Lincoln

The Patina Restaurant Group may be hosting an open call for front-of-the-house...