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"American Idol" Elimination: Top 3 Singers Revealed

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    "American Idol" contestants Candice Glover, Angie Miller, Kree Harrison and Amber Holcomb

    The journey towards of winning it all on "American Idol" came to an end for one lady during Thursday's elimination, when either Angie Miller, Amber Holcomb, Candice Glover or Kree Harrison was sent home.

    So, who had to say goodbye to the reality TV competition?

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    The extremely talented, soulful singer Amber Holcomb was given the boot, leaving Miller, Glover and Harrison in the top three.

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    Although it's sad to see Holcomb go (we can only imagine how Nicki Minaj is feeling), the aspiring performer made it much further in the competition this season than she did last year, after being eliminated in the Top 40 round.

    Holcomb also has another advantage that the judges--especially her biggest admirer, Minaj--continued to point out week after week, and that's her striking beauty and ability to model if she chooses to go that route.

    She's got options. That's always a good thing.

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