Gisele: We Need a “Worldwide” Breastfeeding Law

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    Gisele Bundchen has called for a new world order of mommy hood.

    Gisele Bundchen has called for a new world order of mommy hood.

    The Brazilian supermodel and first time mom said in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK that it should be against the law for mothers of newborns to opt out on breastfeeding.

    “Some people here (in the US) think they don't have to breastfeed, and I think 'Are you going to give chemical food to your child when they are so little?'” Bundchen told the magazine, according to excerpts from the U.K. Press Association.

    “I think there should be a worldwide law, in my opinion, that mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months," she said.

    The American Academy of Pediatrics also recommends babies "be exclusively breastfed for about the first six months of life."

    Bunchen, who is married to NFL quarterback Tom Brady, gave birth to son Benjamin December 8, 2009.

    Six and a half weeks later, Bundchen debuted her post-baby bod in a swimsuit photo spread for Colcci.

    In June, Bundchen returned to the runway to model for the company in Brazil.

    Bundchen reportedly told Harper’s Bazaar that breastfeeding helped her regain her figure after pregnancy.