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Think Pink in 2011: Pantone Declares "Honeysuckle" The Color of the Year




    Worried what colors to shop for next year? Never fear: Pantone has declared "honeysuckle," a pale reddish pink, the definitive color of 2011. (Maybe someone missed the memo about all the orange that's about to hit stores this spring).

    Though it may seem a little strange for anyone to "declare" a color, we have to admit there was an awful lot of the 2010 color-of-choice—turquoise—on city sidewalks last summer. Maybe it's time to get ahead and start scoping out itty bitty pink sundresses?

    The friendly new hue is said to be reponsible for attracting hummingbirds to honeysuckle flowers, which will be a charming thought to keep in mind as you're tolling the racks of revamped designer merch: we guarantee big retailers will start swapping out color swatches for plenty mo' pink starting asap.