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Target's Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular Was a Peep Show for the Masses




    By now, most New Yorkers know about the Standard Hotel's floor-to-ceiling windows and the peep-show views seen from the nearby Highline. While Target wasn't about to put on that kind of show last night, the mega-retailer did show some serious location-scouting savvy by the choosing the hotel in the first place for its Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular.

    The 20 minute-long light show extravaganza featured dancers and models grooving in the window frames of various rooms, illuminated intermittently by colored flashes synched to original music written by Sam Spiegel (also known as Squeak E. Clean of N.A.S.A.). The event was intended as a celebration of the mega-retailer's fall 2010 fashion lineup, although we took the term "fashion show" pretty loosely, choosing to focus more on the "show" than the fashion. Truthfully, it was pretty hard to even notice the clothes given all the other sensational visuals.

    Seredipitously, Target couldn't have chosen a better night for such an audio-visual blowout. The sunset was breathtaking, and far more than the red carpet turnout, which included Nina Garcia, Penn Badgley, Mary-Louise Parker, and a few gals from The City, it provided the perfect overture for the night's performance.