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Studio Visit: Lauren Moffatt on Learning to Sew, Vintage Shopping Addiction




    In the studio with designer Lauren Moffatt. (Published Wednesday, July 27, 2011)

    Lauren Moffatt and partner Rob Pepin spent their first two seasons in business sewing samples aboard a 31-foot sailboat docked on the Hudson River. Since then, the pair have expanded the operation into a sunny Garment District studio, out of which they produce their vintage-inspired collection of easy, cheery ready-to-wear.

    We caught up with Moffatt in her airy studio as she prepped samples for her forthcoming spring 2012 collection. "Everything's a little crazy right now," she laughed, relocating piles of bright paisley silk from a cutting table.

    Though the September presentations are fast approaching, we found Moffatt -- now approaching her 11th year in the fashion business -- utterly cool and composed. Here, Moffatt opens up about her love of printed fabric and the startling generosity of her fashion industry peers.