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NYC's Narrowest House Sells for $2.175 Million



    NYC's Narrowest House Sells for $2.175 Million


    The sale of 75 1/2 Bedford Street, NYC's skinniest house, has made it to public record. The nine-and-half-foot-wide house of indeterminate mid-1800s construction date was asking $2.75 million when it hit the market at the end of August, and it saw one chop to $2.499 million before it found a buyer. That buyer's identifying information is sadly obscured behind a corporation (with, clue, a P.O. Box in South Florida), but we do at least now know the 999-square-foot property's final sales price: $2.175 million. A profit for seller Stephen Balsamo, who paid $1.6 million for the house -- after a bidding war -- back in 2000. And a bit of a deal for the buyer, who got a roughly 13 percent discount off the most recent asking price. (More of a deal considering an early '08 estimate that pegged the value of the house at $2.5 million.)


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