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Sunday Open House Roundup



    Sunday Open House Roundup
    Nice backyard.

    There is only one suitable activity for a drenched weekend like this one —gawking at the insides of other people's apartments. Curbed Marketplace is here to helps with a roundup of Sunday open houses. More where this came from in our Open House Calendar. List your property today and we'll get you in next week's roundup!



    1) 129 East 82nd Street, 2BR, 2.5BA, $1.395M [Stribling]

    2) 303 West 66th Street, 1BR, 1BA, 750 sq ft, $529K [Stribling]

    3) 520 West 19th Street, 3BR, 3BA, 2041 sq ft, $2.395M [Stribling]

    4) 245 West 19th Street, 2BR, 2.5BA, 1508 sq ft, $2.65M [Stribling]

    5) 275 Degraw Street, 2BR, 1BA, $599K [Stribling]

    6) 420 West 23rd Street, 2BR, 2BA, 1053 sq ft, $995K [Stribling]

    7) 310 East 46th Street, 1BR, 1BA, $625K [Stribling]

    8) 169 State Street, 4BR, 3.5BA, 3540 sq ft, $2.995M [Stribling]

    9) 405 West 23rd Street, 2BR, 2BA, 1550 sq ft, $1.95M [Stribling]

    10) 179 East 79th Street, 2BR, 2BA, $1.195M [Stribling]

    11) 129 Lafayette Street, 3BR, 3BA, 2363 sq ft, $2.85M [Stribling]

    12) 310 West 52nd Street, 1BR, 1.5BA, $890K [Stribling]

    13) 14 East 33rd Street, 4BR, 2BA, 4444 sq ft, $3M [Stribling]

    14) 49 East 96th Street, 2BR, 2BA, $1.975M [Stribling]

    15) 17 Minetta Street (above), 3BR, 3.5BA, $5.275M [Stribling]


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