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Reminders: New York's Sexiest Chef Compeition



    Under the Tucson Sun

    It was brought to our attention that Johnny Iuzzinidid in fact win the title of New York's Sexiest Chef fair and square last year in a Daily News competition. Our apologies to Johnny Zs. But that revelation and the fact that this original competition took place exactly a year ago adds even greater weight to the now annual contest, announced yesterday. Chefs nominated so far to go up against defending champion Iuzzini: Patrick Connolly (ladies—we already have 6 noms for this guy so breathe), Herb Wilson (Tribeca Grand), Tony Esnault, Scott Conant, Akhtar Nawab, Jordan Frosolone (Hearth), Adam Shepard (Lunetta), and Daniel Angerer (Klee Brasserie). If anyone is missing, you have six days left to nominate.
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