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Sandwiching: Adventures in Flavor Combos



    Sandwiching: Adventures in Flavor Combos

    Attention, This is Why You’re Fat: Friendly’s is now serving (for a limited time only!) the blechtacular “cheeseburger club” you see here. For better or worse, New York’s only Friendly’s is in Staten Island (at 2720 Hylan Boulevard), but if you’re looking for a closer-to-home sandwich adventure, fret not. Ever-experimental Joe Dobias has created a brunch-menu item that places a fried egg and fried bologna between two buttermilk pancakes (inspired by his Irish mother, who likes egg with her pancakes, and a server’s grandfather, who put fried bologna between his). And on the dessert menu, there’s now an Elvis-inspired ice-cream sandwich that puts a semi-frozen peanut butter, banana, and bacon mousse between two cookies. By the way, JoeDoe now has a “Sunday Supper” menu, available between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m., that offers three courses for $20. Check out the new à la carte dinner menu (certain items will be served during Sunday Suppers) and you’ll notice Dobias, like us, is a lover of Chinese sausage. (He’s combining it with pork belly because “everybody says pork belly isn’t cool anymore.”)


    DH Krahn Cured Scallop ....jalapeno mayo, croutons 12
    Lots of Vegetables, ok a salad ....carrot vinaigrette, Equinox cheese 9
    Sausage & Broccoli Rabe Bread ....tomato vinaigrette, Mt. View Pork 9
    Pastured Tongue Taco ....radish-garlic salad 8
    Fried Kirby Pickles ....garlic-cream cheese dip 8
    John's Duck Egg ....fennel-farro salad, feta dressing 10


    Laurie's Pork & Pasta egg, corn, broccoli rabe 23
    No Ordinary Vegetarian ....roasted fennel, walnut-tomato puree 19
    Mi Pollo Mexicano ....epazote, black beans, chorizo 23
    Little Benny's Beef ....faux fries, collards, steak sauce 25
    Tasmanian Ocean Trout ....lentil cake, spicy yogurt, kirby cucs 24
    Mt. View Pork Belly ....Chinese sausage, red beans, celery 26


    Wildflower Honey Custard ....wildflower honey, Turkish flatbread 8
    Banana Bread Sundae ....bananas Foster topping, ice cream 8
    North East Cheeses ....local, artisan-farm produced 12
    Seasonal Tapioca ....Greek yogurt, local berries 7
    The King's Cookie Sandwich ....bacon, banana, peanut butter 7

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