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Eater Giveaways: The Daily Achatz



    Eater Giveaways: The Daily Achatz

    Welcome to the Daily Achatz, a regular dose of submissions from our ticket giveaway for Grant Achatz's book party/tasting event at Astor Center on November 6. Today, a sonnet:

    _thirtieth birthday_

    It's night in Chicago; I smooth down my dress
    Down a darkened hallway of oak wood I walk
    For rapt'rous meal, with date and dinner guests
    Courses number twenty five, several hours of talk.

    It starts. Glass vials, and cups, porcelain plates
    A sea of wee platters, placed carefully right
    Tastes balanced 'pon pins, each one with its mate
    Examine, fork lifted top each jewel-like bite.

    One course involves pillows of lavendar fair,
    Our plates sinketh slowly down to the table
    We sup upon duck, and perfumed air
    While we drink and make merry the best we are able.

    Thank Achatz for hosting a repast so fine,
    My tastes overwhelmed, rich flavors combined.

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