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OMG Barack, That Skirt/Legging Combo is so Right Now

Obamequins pop up in area storefronts



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    Darth Fader on Flickr
    Obamaquins are in Brooklyn Industries storefronts, ready to fashionably scare the crap out of you

    Hipper-than-thou Brooklyn Industries has done it again. (No, not convinced dudes they should wear sprayed-on jeans and girly scarves.) The 718 apparel-and-etc. outfitters have, um, outfitted their storefronts with Obamequins, a.k.a. mannequins with rubber Barack Obama masks, revealing the chainlet's keen -- if totally unsurprising -- sense of its target demographic. (If only they made Jon Stewart masks.)

    The best part of the whole thing has to be the girl mannequins. It's one thing to see B.H.O.'s face atop a rugged army jacket knockoff wrapped around a pair of broad shoulders -- it's kind of weird, in an I-doubt-Barack-goes-for-Strokes-casual-on-Sundays kind of way, but ultimately it works. But it's frankly creepy as hell to see him in a bubble miniskirt over leggings, tweedish Red Riding Hood capelet and one of the ersatz-rasta knit berets that everyone will be wearing before the week is out. What, no Michelle masks?

    Check out the blow-up from Flickrer Darth Fader (taken -- need we even say this? -- with his iPhone).