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Sarah Jessica Parker Moving to Brooklyn?!

If SJP and family are the ones renovating a mansion in Park Slope, it’s the end of an era… right?



    Sarah Jessica Parker Moving to Brooklyn?!
    Sarah Jessica Parker holds daughter Marion Loretta Elwell, as the couple's son, James Wilkie, looks on and proud dad Matthew Broderick cradles Tabitha Hodge in a photo taken June 22 in New York City.

    We’ve been over this: Nouveau Brooklynhearts its celebrities (Steve Buscemi! The Gyllengaards!), because after all, anyone who’d choose to live in Park Slope over the West Village makes the 718ers feel good about ditching the 212 for spotty train service and nonexistent 24-hour chow (but more closet space!).

    So “news” via the Post (at Curbed) that Sarah Jessica Parker and clan may be the buyers of the former Jennifer Connelly/Paul Bettany mansion on Prospect Park West (it recently sold for close to $9 million) is big. Very big. If Carrie Bradshaw leaves Manhattan, does it signal the end of a certain kind of fabulosity? More importantly, will she join the Park Slope Co-op like Entourage's Adrian Grenier?