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Why is My Chimney Buzzing?

Dallas woman finds 8ft. tall beehive in chimney



    Why is My Chimney Buzzing?
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    A Dallas woman played the unknowing host to thousands of busy bees.

    Catherine Lovely could make several hundred dollars if she could harvest the honey in her chimney.

    The Dallas woman discovered late last week that bees had built an 8 to 10-foot-tall honeycomb in her chimney.

    Lovely said she smelled something sweet in her house, but had no idea bees had shacked up in her chimney. She admits she did hear some noise in the chimney she hasn't used in at least a year.

    "I heard a 'zzzzz' and I thought, outside they were outside the window, because you see them flying by." Lovely said, about seeing bees near her window.

    But the bees made their way inside, even swarming her at one point. The 70 year-old woman said she didn't realize they were bees when she started swatting at them.

    "I got my fly-swatter and started fighting them, and I said, 'where in the world are they coming from?'" Lovely said.

    An exterminator was able to kill all the bees, but couldn't remove the hive.

    A chimney sweeper plans to come to her house in the early morning to remove the sticky mess in her chimney. Lovely was told if it was too hot, the honey in the combs would cause a mess during cleanup.