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The Rule of "Fore!"

Lawyer says liability limited for errant golf shot



    The Rule of "Fore!"
    Dan Stamm / NBC Philadelphia
    Tiger said the "Get-in-the-Hole Guy" was more annoying than the World Cup's vuvuzelas.

    The usual arcane discussion of legal precedent turned to talk of shanks, slices and when to yell "Fore!" as the state's highest court heard arguments in the case of a golfing doctor whose wildly errant shot struck his partner blind in 2002.

    His lawyer argues that under 1972 case law you're not required to yell "Fore!" when somebody is standing outside the foreseeable zone of danger.

    Attorney William Hartlein says Dr. Anoop Kapoor's golfing partner was nearly sideways to him.

    Attorney Steven Cohn argues that Dr. Azad Anand, blinded in one eye, should have his injury suit reinstated because the danger zone changes with each golfer's skill, or lack of it.

    The Court of Appeals is expected to rule next month.