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South Carolina Woman Finds Ex Living in Attic

Man peeked through air vent into former sweetheart's room



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    The South Carolina woman found her ex boyfriend living among old coats and insulation (not the insulation shown in this file photo).

    When most people hear a noise in their attic, they usually suspect a squirrel. On Saturday, one South Carolina woman found a man.

    The mother of five says she discovered an ex-boyfriend living in her home in Rock Hill, S.C. on Saturday, Charlotte-based WCNC reported. The man fled the house before police could arrive.
    The woman thought "there was some poltergeist stuff going on," when she saw nails falling from the ceiling, she told the local Rock Hill Herald newspaper. When she heard strange noises coming from her air vents, the spooked nurse called her nephew, who upon reaching the home and investigating the attic found a sleeping man using old coats for warmth.
    He also discovered that the man was able to peek at the woman through an air vent that looks into her room. 
    "It's got me flabbergasted," the woman said to the Herald. "How can you look at someone through an air vent?" 
    She also told the paper that the man had been struggling with a drug problem since the two had broken up 12 years ago. The woman had last seen him a year ago when he had come to the home to install new doors on the house. He was also convicted of stealing the woman's truck earlier this year and was released two weeks ago after finishing that sentence, according to WCNC.
    The South Carolina nurse was under the assumption that the man had moved to Charleston after the arrest, which according to the woman was one of many. Instead, he was living inside her attic’s heating unit. Police reported finding cups filled with urine and feces, and the family suspected the man had been sleeping there for weeks.
    The terrified children who live in the home have been camping in the living room since the incident. The only entrance to the attic from the home is in the hall outside the children's bedrooms.
    Local police are on the lookout for the man.