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20-Pound Triplets May Land Guinness World Record

Brittany Deen's triplets are a contender for a spot in the Guinness World Records.



    20-Pound Triplets May Land Guinness World Record
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    A Sacramento mother's triplets (not pictured here) together weigh 20 pounds.

    A Sacramento couple's triplets, weighing in at a whopping 20 pounds, may score a world record for triplets' total birth weight.

    Sidney, Elliott and Jenson Deen were born last Thursday. Their parents are now submitting paperwork in a bid that, if successful, would oust a North Carolina couple whose 18 pound 11 ounce triplets secured the spot in 2011, The Sacramento Bee reported.

    Mom Brittany Deen, guided by Sutter Memorial's Moms of Multiples Center, reportedly learned how to eat as much as 6,000 calories per day while the babies were growing. "Being a mom of a multiple birth is really scary," Deen, 32, told the Bee.  "You hear of complications and challenges. I hope that seeing me and hearing about my positive experience will inspire other mothers not to be scared, and will help others to realize they're not alone."

    She told the Bee that she feels "pretty darn good now," having already shed 50 of the 85 pounds she gained during the pregnancy.

    Jenson and Elliott are at home with their parents, while Sidney remains in the hospital because doctors are concerned that his appetite isn't as good as it should be, the Bee reported.