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IT Worker Fired for Urinating on Attractive Coworkers' Chairs

The man allegedly had access to photos in the employee database, from which select his prettiest coworkers



    IT Worker Fired for Urinating on Attractive Coworkers' Chairs
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    An Iowa man lost his job after he allegedly urinated on his best-looking coworkers' desk chairs.

    And you thought your coworker was creepy.

    An Iowa man lost his IT job after he was caught on video allegedly urinating on the desk chairs of those employees he found prettiest — and now police are mulling whether to charge him criminally.

    After several female employees began complaining of suspicious stains on their chairs last month, the West Des Moines office of Farm Bureau Financial Services rigged up security cameras to get to the bottom of the problem, the Des Moines Register reported.

    The 59-year-old man, an IT employee at the company, was allegedly caught in the act Saturday on videotape and promptly fired.

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    Corporate vice president Lauri Strottman told police that as an IT employee, the man had access to the company database, where he would view employee photos, pick out the most attractive employees and then urinate on their chairs, according to the West Des Moines Patch.

    Strottman said that when he was confronted and fired, the man admitted to "doing inappropriate things."

    Police are now considering second-degree criminal mischief charges against him, according to the Register.

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    His alleged habit reportedly caused $4,500 worth of damage to the office chairs.