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Christmas Is Over But the Sketchiness of Santa Lives On

A Web site designed to bring you the sketchy side of Santa



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    The season is over and now it is time to pile on the guy who only works one day of the year. (picture courtesy of

    You know there will be some sort of creepiness attached to a man described as someone who "sees you when you're sleeping," or an individual who sneaks into your house at night via the chimney and steals your cookies. But jolly old Saint Nick just might be getting a bad rep from those recruited to shoulder the burdens of the holiday demands; the mall Santa.

    Will Zweigart has created a Web site ( designed to display photos of some really sketchy Santas that just might add to some of the creepiness associated with Mr. Claus.

    "On the site, we really like to celebrate the more retro Santa photos and part of the reason why is that the standard of who could be a Santa was really quite lower back then," Zweigart told CNN.

    Laist define the site as, "Santas ranging from the obviously drunk, overly handsy, to the well-meaning Santas who just can't stop the kids from crying. Especially creepy are those retro Santa masks and costumes of yesteryear."

    You can check out all the sketchy Santas on the site, or through Twitter, Facebook or you can even watch the highlight video below (and don't forget to submit your own creepy photos of your encounters with Kris Kringle).