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Android Users Overtaking iPhone Users in U.S.



    Android Users Overtaking iPhone Users in U.S.
    Google Android phone on display at the Google conference in San Francisco, Thursday, May 20, 2010.

    The number of smart phone owners who use Google's Android OS in the U.S. is almost as great as those who use Apple's iPhone, following a massive Android sales jump, according to tracking firm comScore.

    In the three months ending in October, the share of Android users had risen sharply from 17 to 23.5 percent, says the report. Meanwhile, iPhone share couldn't even rise a single percent, going from 23.8 to 24.6 percent.

    Neck and neck a month ago, Android will presumably pass iPhone in the current quarter, which includes the bulk of holiday sales. However, if, as expected, Apple introduces a Verizon-flavored iPhone in January, the tables could turn.

    Meanwhile, RIM's fortunes fell again, as the BlackBerry lost 3.5 percent share. It is, nevertheless, still in the lead: 35.8 percent of smart phones in use in the U.S are BlackBerrys.