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Why Basketball 3×3 Star Stefanie Dolson, Others Fact Check Their Wiki Pages

Wrong weight, wrong team and even the wrong birthplace were some of the errors found — but how did Wikipedia do overall?

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They are world champions and some of the best of the best in their sport, but that doesn't mean people know everything about them — especially those who edit their Wikipedia pages.

Here are some members of Team USA going through the information about themselves on the publicly edited sites, and seeing what is right and what is wrong. Be sure to check out all the latest action from Tokyo right here.

Stefanie Dolson

She was a two-time NCAA champion at UConn and a two-time WNBA All-Star, but Dolson still found errors on her page — including one of the teams it listed her as having played for.

WNBA player Stefanie Dolson fact checks her Wikipedia to page ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Games.

Carlin Isles

He is one of the most celebrated U.S. rugby players and touted as "The Fastest Man in American Rugby," so did Wikipedia really get Isles' place of birth wrong?

USA Rugby star Carlin Isles checks on the accuracy of his Wikipedia page.

Mattie Rogers

Rogers has set — and broken — many American records in weightlifting. But she still gets asked about her (very brief) time as a cheerleader, even if she was a gymnast for far longer. And someone at Wikipedia needs to update her weight class!

Weightlifter Mattie Rogers opens op her Wikipedia page to set the record straight before Tokyo 2020.

Ginny Fuchs

Fuchs is a three-time Louisiana Golden Gloves champion, but she did not start boxing to stay in shape for cross country in college — because she had already been kicked off the team by then! (And yes, she really did have a positive test for a banned substance due to sexual intercourse.)

Ginny Fuchs takes a look at her Wikipedia page before she heads to Tokyo to compete in this year’s Olympic Games.

Kyle Snyder

Wikipedia has it right when it says Snyder was the youngest Olympic gold medalist and the youngest world champion in American wrestling history. And while it's also correct that he went 179-0 in high school, he wouldn't mind if one detail about a takedown was taken out.

Olympic gold medalist Kyle Snyder fact checks his Wikipedia page before Tokyo 2020.

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