Jon Beason Takes Exception to the Giants' Ability to Run the Ball

The Carolina Panthers tossed up 300+ yards on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers recently, just on the ground. And then last night, the Giants did the same thing to Carolina on national television. Needless to say, the Panthers defense isn't thrilled about being embarrassed, but they took the yards in stride.

For the most part anyway; Jon Beasonseems to think that New York's performance is more the Cats fault than the Giants' success.

After blaming sloppy play and poor communication on the Panthers' inability to stop the Giants' running game, Beason was asked if the talents of Ward and backfield mate Brandon Jacobs might have had something to do with it.

"I hate you asked that question," Beason said. "The politically correct thing to say is they're a great combination of running backs -- really good backs. And they are. But based on the film, of the 300 yards, let's say, uh, 250 were on us. That's how I'll answer that question."

So, um, yeah. What I think Beason is saying here is that "If we'd tackled properly, Derrick Ward doesn't look that good." And also, "Nice 50 yards Jacobs." Although I could be reaching on that last one. Still, the point being is that Beason definitely wasn't trying to be complimentary of the Giants running game. And you better believe this won't be the last you hear of this either. Paging, Dr. Ward.

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