Jawing With a Presidential Candidate

While Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama maintains a reserved stance during speeches and debates, he is not above trash talk on the court. Peter Nicholas of the Los Angeles Times has one of those ubiquitous Obama-basketball profiles, but this one includes an exchange Knick point guard Chris Duhon had with the candidate during a pick-up game in Chicago.

Players say Obama chatters throughout the games, razzing those who miss a shot ... or calling out strategies. Chris Duhon, a guard for the New York Knicks who has played pickup ball with Obama in Chicago, recalls a game where he trapped the Illinois senator on the court and forced a turnover.

Duhon needled him: "You're supposed to be the point guard. You can't get in those situations!" A few plays later, Duhon got trapped and gave the ball up. Obama trash-talked him right back. "He's very vocal. He's talking throughout the whole game," said Duhon.

The profile also has a lot of talk about how the other players react in the game with Obama, especially as it concerns potential injuries. One of the few days on the trail in which Obama skipped morning ball came on a fear he'd suffer a fat lip which would render that day's speech ineffective.

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